Introducing Sensativa

We are passionate about enhancing your pleasure and well-being through the harmonious blend of Nature and Science. Owned by Brazilian and North American entrepreneurs and based in the USA, our mission is to provide innovative and transformative solutions for your intimate needs.

When CBD Meets The Amazon Rainforest

We use the power of nature to unlock the full potential of your intimate experiences, combining the soothing properties of Brazilian botanicals with the therapeutic benefits of broad-spectrum cannabis extract.

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Pleasure & Care

We believe that pleasure and care are inseparable. Our formulations are crafted to deliver exceptional intimate experiences. From enhanced arousal and lubrication to pain relief and nourishment, our products are designed to elevate your pleasure and promote your overall well-being.

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For All

Pleasure is for all, and so is care. That's why Sensativa creates inclusive formulas and solutions for all genders and bodies, allowing individuals to experience fluid, transformative sexual experiences. We are committed to celebrating diversity and embracing the unique experiences and desires of each and everyone.

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