Our Manifesto

Where Pleasure Meets Purpose

At Sensativa, we believe in the transformational power of pleasure. Our mission is to foster self-expression and self-discovery, unburdened by taboos. Through our formulas, we nurture individual, interactive, and collective moments of pleasure.

We are dedicated to Science & Research in order to uncover the connection between pleasure and the endocannabinoid system. We develop cutting-edge formulas tailored to specific needs, merging the therapeutic properties of Cannabis with versatile Amazonian botanicals. Our goal is to enhance sexual health and provide support for intimate care.

Sensativa represents Sexual Education not solely as a path to self-discovery and health promotion, but also as a vehicle for equipping individuals with tools to prevent, recognize, combat, and report all forms of sexual violence or abuse. Our mission involves spreading knowledge about respect, protection, consent, and empowerment.

Our innovation is driven by ethics. Our growth is achievable only by aligning with humanity and the Earth. We place a priority on preserving Nature throughout every step of our process, ensuring environmental responsibility. Moreover, we highly value the well-being of our employees, cultivating an environment of respect and purpose. Ultimately, we advocate for fair business practices with both our partners and consumers.

Sensativa maintains a resolute commitment to diversity. This principle is reflected in our products, designed to be inclusive of all bodies and genders. Moreover, our mission extends to our team, where we strive to embrace diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, neurodiversity, as well as professional training and backgrounds. This inclusive approach enhances our collective experience.

Welcome to Sensativa, where pleasure meets purpose.